Our Company yida yada:

There's only 1 way to start a Sound and Lighting company as far as Alan Baker is concerned, and that's equipment up. He is the keen ear on the pulse of what works to put on a good show, heading up SK Sound and Lighting.

Commonly referred to as Baker, he created SK Sound and lighting from humble but determined beginnings. Self taught and facing many historical and other professional challenges of business opportunity inequalities of the past he has built a company solidly established as 1 of the most formidable independantly owned sound and lighting companies in South Africa,

A keen and passionate awareness of international trends supported by a very informed equipment procurement strategy ideally merges the vital elements;-

o premium reliable equipment
o professional technical understanding
o outstanding service and
o solid awareness that our clients need to meet business goals and objectives

along with the non negotibles:

o public safety
o client satisfaction and commitment recognition
o bottom line value
o a good working relationship

affirming the company's commitment and involvement to a level where once you instruct SK SOUND AND LIGHTING, it can confidently be said that:

NOW its a show!
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All a bit techincially focused and good yap yap but true. Whether its a premiumly positioned or budgetary Intimate gathering or a mass outdoor mega rave, we have and can do it.

This goal orientated approach of our role in your process is quite simple yet highly effective in that we can be commissioned to fulfill all your objectives from the very outset of you deciding on the event. We identify and agree on your objectives, develop, implement and manage a suitable tailor made concept for a full turn key managed event on the 1 end, to just merely a uni functional role example only lighting provider on the other.

We pride ourselves on our highly professional delivery of our services supported by a fleet of various vehicles capable of immediate deploymnet to any destination on the continent. We also have a huge warehouse with an ample supply of our own equipment available for your event at a moments notice.

We work, procure and consult globaly.

To stay informed of our current or to view our past projects visit our FB page above.

For any additional further enquiry don't hesitate to contact us or pop in and come and visit us at our base to familiarise yourself with our capabilities.

NOW its a show!